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Mission trip to Mombasa


This February/March Eilert Mikkelsen and Ingebrigt Hoset went on a mission trip to Mombasa, Kenya. When reflecting on the trip, one word comes to mind, and that is “change”. Over the years we have had around 110 trips abroad to preach the Gospel of Christ, and during this trips witnessed thousands of people calling on Jesus as their Saviour. This is change. In Mombasa people who had never experienced a personal relationship with Jesus encountered Him for the first time, but also many apostate and lukewarm were changed.

I believe we live in the time where many who once started their walk with Jesus, now don’t have oil left on their lamps, as Jesus talks about in the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25:1-12. The parable describes what it will be like before the wedding takes place. 50 percent of those who thought they would be a part of the wedding where not allowed to enter by the bridegroom, and he told them “..Verily I say unto you, I know you not” (Matthew 25:12b KJV). When the Bible tells us that eternal life comes down to having a personal relationship with Jesus, it shows the severity of living without knowing Him. “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent” (John 17:3). We can attend church services, sing songs, listen to the preaching and give gifts without having any relationship with Jesus. It was mainly for people like this we were sent with a message.

Time of visitation

We were invited by a church in a district called Kongowea, one of the Muslim districts in Mombasa. The churched had organized a program consisting of two seminars during the day, and an evangelical meeting in the evening. Our host in Mombasa, Pastor Peter Chimba, is a man with a great heart for both the church and the unsaved. He testified that our visit had not been an ordinary visit, but a time of visitation from heaven. He told us that the messages had changed both him and his church. I am not who I was, I am changed, he said. The Word of God had changed him, and several from the church who testified that they and their families had been changed. The change has continued even after we left, and the following Sunday 15 new people, who had never been there before, felt led to go their Sunday Service and join the Church. God led them there, for them also to be changed.

Peter Chimba and Ingebrigt.

Pastor conference

The change taking place in our host Church also spread throughout Mombasa, and as a result Ingebrigt was invited to speak at an international pastors conference, arranged after he was supposed to leave Kenya. He asked the Lord for direction, and received Acts 10:20; “Arise therefore, and get thee down, and go with them, doubting nothing: for I have send them.” This Word changed his scheduled travel back home, and extended the trip by six days. The pastors conference were arranged by Kairos International University in Florida, US, and lasted for three days followed by the graduation seremony of their students.

To be able to preach for three days to 250 pastors was God’s surprise for Ingebrigt. Never before on a mission trip has he preached as many single times as on this trip, and the pastors listened, took notes and brought the messages back to their local Churches. We were invited to new countries, and to several new locations in Kenya. Our experience is that when we obey and use the opportunities Jesus gives us, He will open new doors, and give us new contacts to work with.

Salvation and repentance

Many surrendered their lives to Jesus, some for the first time, and some for the second time. Many lukewarm and apostates repented, and got a fresh start with Christ. One of those who got saved was a Muslim. He lived next door to the Church, and was known in the neighborhood as a “crazy person”. He attended one of the services, listened to the preaching and believed in his heart. He gave his life to Jesus, was prayed for and delivered from evil spirits, and the man was completely transformed. The church decided to build him a new and proper house, as the one he now lived in was in a terrible state, barely suited to house animals.

Like the possessed man in the country of the Gadarenes (found in Luke 8:26), this man also came to his right mind at the feet of Jesus. His face was literally shining after the encounter with Jesus.

In the meetings people were on their knees, pouring out there hearts to Him. The power of God's presence was tangible, and made evil spirits manifest themselves. Several people were delivered, while the unclean spirits in them shouted, screamed and rolled them on the floor. People also testified of being healed. One woman had a visible swollen right leg, and after intercession her leg was normal. Another woman had a rash on her left arm, which disappeared after she was prayed for. In every meeting people testified of healings or other changes in their lives. A woman told us about her family, of how there used to be strife and arguing in her home, but that the preaching she had heard had changed the atmosphere in the family and brought peace to their home.

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